PZ sailing accompanies companies in search of a nautical activity for its employees. Original idea to build a moment of sharing and great first for many, the boat is a very good vector of cohesion. Accommodating up to 160 people, we design together the seminar or team building that suits you.

Discover the veil, a real management tool

Walk to the day where half day

Embark on recent sailboats from 12 to 18m all equipped for your safety and comfort. The time of a day or half day, discover the islands of Ré, Oléron, AIX and the mythical Fort Boyard. On the program, discover sailing and navigation with your skipper. Take the helm, set the sails, participate in the maneuvers or let yourself be guided to choose.

Walk and multi-activities on a week end

Discover the region and the sea around an iodized program rich in emotion. Many solutions are possible to make you spend a week end that you are not ready to forget.
Parmi ces options bien entendu <strong>navigation à voile sur nos voiliers de 17 et 18m</strong> mais également les plus demandées <strong>initiation au jet ski</strong> (même sans permis), <strong>initiation aux sports de glisses</strong> (wake board, bouée tractée, stand up paddle), <strong>découverte des îles</strong> (balade en vélo sur Aix, en 2cv ou méhari sur Ré ou Oléron), <strong>découverte des spécialités locales</strong> (Huîtres, pineau des charentes etc…) ou encore <strong>show de magie</strong> exceptionnel avec Serge Avril célèbre magicien de l’émission Fort Boyard…
Do not hesitate to contact us to discover the many possible options and to build together your weekend.

Discovery of the regatta

Partez à la découverte d’une aventure formidable : la régate. Accompagné par un professionnel expérimenté, <strong>développez le sens et la maitrise du risque</strong>, <strong>l’éthique</strong> et le <strong>respect des engagements. </strong>Par petites équipes sur plusieurs bateaux, développer la <strong>culture du challenge et la quête de l’excellence</strong>. Des valeurs dont votre entreprise a besoin.

They trusted us:

Why choose Sailing ?

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 Premium with products and quality options

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 Recent boats, well equipped and of qualities

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 A qualified, experienced and attentive crew

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 Build together the performance you like

Some original ideas for your business

Embark on a wine rally:
Sail on the Gironde aboard luxury sailboats. Combining navigation, visit of prestigious castles and tastings.
Attending a race start:Vendée Globe, Route du Rhum, Transat Jacques Vabre, Solitaire du Figaro... Assist your employees aboard a motorboat to keep track of the riders.
24h incentive:
Give your employees a rich experience: 24h at sea. Navigation day and night off the slippers Islands accompanied by a professional skipper. Team spirit, solidarity, fatigue management...

Discover the high-speed Islands, guaranteed sensations

Fill up with thrills: half day or day

Embark on powerful motorboats by small group of 6-10 people to assault the islands of Ré, AIX, Oléron but also the mythical Fort Boyard. You will be piloted by a professional skipper who will explain the specificities and history of our region.
Many formulas are possible:
– Introduction to snow sports
– Tasting of local products by different stopovers
– Visit of the oyster parks of the Marennes basin – Oléron
– We also respond to all your requests, even the wildest

Photo credit Mélanie Chaigneau

Iodized incentive with a treasure hunt

Team building combining reflection, patience and team spirit, the motor boat treasure hunt is an original way to discover the region. Each motor boat embarks 6 to 10 people and a pilot (professional skipper graduated). Each team has a map and guides its driver to search for clues. The route is made in order to get your teams to land on the 3 Islands (Ré, Oléron and AIX), passage near the Fort Boyard and a final between the two towers of La Rochelle.  A final pot will close this iodized incentive adventure.

Want even more of sensations ?

Start gliding safely with our team of professionals

Our complementary services for an unforgettable moment

Photos and videos

Keep a souvenir of this unforgettable day with photos or a video of your activity. Equipped with drone, camera, camera, our image professional will put you full of eyes. 

Magic show

EXCLUSIVE: Serge Avril, famous magician of the TV show "Fort Boyard" will make you discover all his talents as well as some secrets on the famous Fort. Close up or initiation to magic for your employees to choose from.

Local products

For an even more successful performance, what could be better than a gourmet meal? Seafood, or even deli meats – cheeses, our partner offers several formulas.

Trust us and build together the performance that suits you.