Le routage méteo

To leave safely with a serene mind, this is what PZ Sailing offers you for your coastal or offshore sailing. The team is in charge of optimizing your route and above all of making you avoid the 2 key phases to sail in good conditions: the mole or on the contrary the storm.

En quoi cela consiste ?

Une opération simple, claire et précise

  • Every day, the PZ Sailing router sends you all the information, course to follow, wind and sea conditions, clouds encountered etc... An email every day minimum and up to three emails if the weather is tricky.

  • In case of bad weather, the router informs you and diverts you to stay safe.

  • Après avoir vu ensemble votre parcours en fonction de votre projet, le routeur va optimiser votre date de départ ainsi que votre route, pour que votre croisière se déroule en sécurité.

Le routage en plaisance

Un seul objectif la sécurité

  • Optimization of your route (Sailing + Engine)

  • Navigation comfort

  • 1 to 3 emails per day depending on the weather

Le routage en course

Un seul objectif la performance

  • Optimization of your boat's polar fleeces

  • Optimization of the route in relation to performance

  • Tactics and placement strategy in relation to opponents

  • 3 to 5 emails per day

Prérogatives et tarifs

Seule prérogative pour vous faire router : disposer d’un moyen de réception d’email ou de sms à bord.

If this is not the case, we offer "iridium GO" (satellite modem that connects to your smartphone, PC or tablet via wifi) with the advantage of all-inclusive packages.

<strong>Tarifs :</strong>

  • From 90€/week

  • Weather briefing 150€ (explanation of the different phenomena encountered etc....)

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