It is not easy to buy a boat, it is an important financial decision. PZ Sailing supports you from the purchase to the final optimization. These professional advice, which is best adapted to your project, will allow you to save money by buying useful items.

                                                              THE PROCESS OF PURCHASE

Research and development assistance selection of your boat 

  • Selection on your navigation program
  • Professional analysis of your selection of ads
  • On-site assistance during your visits
  • Financial analysis of the boat improvement
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                                                              THE PROCESS OF OPTIMISATION

Support for technical development and the adaptation of your boat

  • Professional analysis of the entire boat
  • Optimization project budgeting
  • Optimization of electronics, energy and manoeuvrability
  • Performance optimization (if necessary)
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                                                              THE PROCESS OF PREPARATION

Installation, reliability and sea trial

  • Installation by the PZ Sailing team or a specialized partner
  • Reliability and control of all work performed
  • Optimization for manoeuvres with a reduced or solitary crew.
  • Sea trial to validate the project
Let's build your project together, contact us

The PZ Sailing team offers you its knowledge and experience to advise you and help you to adapt your boat to your desires and needs. With the valuable help of our specialized professional partners, we support you during all your work.